Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Twelve Days of Christmas ~ Family Tradition

Do you have any family traditions you do every year for Christmas?

One of the traditions my twin, older sister, and I started a few years ago was giving each other small gifts starting 12 days before Christmas and ending on Christmas day with a bit more expensive gift. We keep the gifts around $5.00 each until the last one which is around $15.00. You would be surprised at the nice things you can get for $5.00. Also it can be a handmade item. We would give one gift per day so I would give to Twin one day and older sister the next. It's a lot of fun not just for the gifts but setting aside the time to get together for awhile every day.

Here are some ideas~
Make an ornament
Fill an inexpensive frame with family photos
Finger nail polish
Make a CD of your favorite music
Make Up
Soaps or lotions
Christmas plates, platter,cups
Christmas napkins or kitchen towel
Personalized coffee mug
Christmas decoration

Well, you get the idea and let me just say it is so fun! I like it better than gift giving on Christmas day!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


Auntie D said...

I love your family tradition! What a neat idea! May have to try it out! This will be the second year of having "baking day". My sister, Mom, SIL and I make a list of all the different cookies we want to make and spend all day watching Christmas movies and baking. It is something we enjoyed doing so much last year that we hope to continue for years to come!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

We are starting a family tradition this year with Abby & Emma. We are going to donate some gently used items to a local charity.

And past traditions are Chrismtas morning breakfast - YUM! Lizzie the elf was a tradition from last year and the reading of the real Chistmas Story from the bible which is read each year at my Grandmother's home.

BOWquet said...

LOve that tradition!!!! :)

Family American Style. said...

Love them, There all great Christmas traditions.