Friday, November 20, 2009


Even though it is not time yet to decorate I am starting to unpack and wash some of my goodies. If you know me (or twin) you know we LOVE to do shop. We do most of our shopping on Fridays. We will tell our hubbies we won't be too long this time we just want to go to 2 stores. We will head out early and we ALWAYS get back LATE! We always mean well...but time just slips away. Any ways to get back on track I have been buying for a LONG time. So long guys that I have FORGOTTEN some of my buys!
Last week Fran and I were together and we were talking about a plate stand that sits on your counter. The conversations went a little bit like this:

Fran: You have one of those.
Me: No I don't.
Fran: Yes, I remember you bought one.
Me. No, I am sure I don't.
Fran: You bought it at HomeGoods.
Me: Umm maybe you're right. It's all coming back to me now. HA!
We both have these canisters. I REMEMBER buying a different set(I will be posting about those later) and they are ones I will be using to store my flour, sugar, and coffee. These I will scatter here and there. Maybe even put one in the bathroom to hold q-tips or something like that.
As Fran and I were talking about the plate rack , I remembered about these serving dishes that I also bought at Home Goods. My hubby said the other day " Fern I don't think you realize just how much you bought. " We had to rent a storage unit because we gutted half the house and you forget what you have when you haven't seen it for awhile.
Another conversation with twin when I was at her house a few weeks ago. Goes something like this:

Me: I just love that big easel you have with that picture on it.
Fran: Really?
Me: Yes, I have for a long time. Where did you get it?
Fran: From you, it's yours. You told me I could use it while you were doing your reno.

This picture is some towels from Marshalls, a cook book stand from I think Marshalls and an oil container in Meijers.
I have hardly made a dent with all the goodies. I just wanted to show a few. I do remember these snowmen. Fran got some too. I will be putting more pictures on as I go though all the boxes. It has been almost like Christmas for me!


Lou Cinda said...

Re-discovery is a wonderful thing!! Like Christmas, only better, cos' it's already paid for! lol

Have a good weekend!

Lou Cinda :)

Melissa Miller said...

How precious! I just adore the tiny snow people. :)