Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet Carrie

Carrie from Buzzing of a Queen Bee is showing everyone today what we sent her for he sweet baby Henry. She wanted a cowboy theme in his nursery. A few days after we had sent her some vinyl "goodies" Fran called me to let me know she had went on Carrie's blog and seen her bathroom. Although it was adorable she notice she had TEXTURED WALLS!! A NO NO for vinyl. We were just sick about it. We contacted Carrie and she said she would think of something...and she did! Looks wonderful. So those of you who may have textured walls and love vinyl this could be for you. Take a look and if you do not know Buzzing of aQueen Bee she is so creative you may want to read EVERY post :o)

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southerninspiration said...

yes, I saw her post this morning, and thought of y'all......looks great!!!