Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Decorating

I got these Believe blocks from a store in town. I just love them.I am really loving the light green. I didn't have any other decorations with that color of green so I had to find a few things to incorporate with my other decorations.

I have several lanterns and wanted to be able to use them in the Christmas decorations. I found a couple snowman hats and twin suggested I used them on the top of the lanterns. This lantern sits on my island and is at least 2 feet tall. It's very large. I usually have it on the floor in my entry. I think they turned out cute.

I got these ornaments at the same shop I got my Believe.

I got these ornaments from Kirklands.

Another lantern.

I am just loving these hats! Even if you just were to set it on a couch table or end table how cute would that be?

I got this wreath at Home Goods along with the snow globe inside. Love that store! If you have never been you really need to treat yourself. I think this wreath helped pull some of the light green together in the room.
Happy Holidays!
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweetness

Happy 2nd Birthday to our favorite little man, Crew. You have brought so much joy and laughter into our lives. You are such a blessing. Love you to moon and back. xoxo Nana and Aunt Fern

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mantel Hook Up

We're hooking up to the mantle link party.

 I kept my mantel simple this year. I just purchased the clock and decided to leave it instead of putting up my wreath this year. It goes well with the deer in the middle (can you see it?) and I just like it.

                       The topiaries are from JCPenny a few years ago.

             Join the party for some great ideas and Happy Holidays!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Having a Giveaway at Bless Our Nest

 We are having a giveaway at Bless Our Nest today!
We have added a lot of new designs in our shop.  All of our stickers are CUT for you. 

  I must say I am loving these puppies! So darn cute.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What do you think?

I'm glad the election is over. I still don't know how much a vote counts unless it's coming from a few key states. It's like a few states control the outcome of the race. Anyone else feel that way?

  Anyway, my biggest hope for the next 4 years is health care. I am all for everyone having it but this is what bugs me...If someone that is not insured has the same surgery as a person that has insurance does, they should BOTH walk out of the hospital owing nothing. The uninsured will owe nothing but a lot of us with insurance will still owe a balance. Some insurances pay all but 20% and it can add up with a serious illness.

 Once Obama was elected, we for the first time had a deductible to meet out of pocket before our insurance would start paying. I don't like it but that's the way it is. Insurance isn't free to the employee but a certain amount is deducted from your check each pay period. So for an average person to pay a deductible, pay weekly to have insurance, and still pay a balance after being treated is wrong in my book. The deductible and weekly payments I can live with but I don't feel a person with health insurance should pay one dime out of pocket once the insurance pays the bill. What the insurance pays should be payment IN FULL. If a hospital will treat a patient without insurance for free then why isn't what my insurance pays enough? I just want EQUAL health care for all. Anyone else feel this way?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Big Announcement

Someone turned 22 months yesterday and has an announcement. Yes, we will be receiving another blessing in March! This little guy has brought so much joy to our lives and so will his little brother or sister. I thought boy with him and for some reason I have thought a girl from the start of this pregnancy. A baby brother would be great too!

post signature As you can see, we have had a blog makeover and hope to commit ourselves to blogging more often. Life just gets so busy and our blog is the one thing we neglect the most. A big thank you to our blog designer Tricia Nae at

Friday, July 20, 2012

Show Us Your Foyer

Kelly is having Show Us Your Foyer today. Mine is still a work in progress, but let me show you what has been done. As most of you know we are still remodeling our house. The WHOLE house. This is a look at the foyer from the living room. It is not a very big room but I love it.

This is the right side of my foyer. I have the fabric to make some "no sew" curtains but just haven't found the time to make them. The material is very bright with color. I felt I could do just about anything with this room since it is set apart of the rest of the open concept.

This is the left side as you walk in. Matilda Louise decided she wanted to be in the picture! The trunk on the left is where we store our shoes. The little bench is from Kirklands.

I got these prints from Janet Hill Studio on etsy. Twin and just love all of her work. A very talented lady.

I had these frames and they were off white. I wanted the prints to "pop" so hubby painted them for me. Love the way they turned out.

When I told my hubby I wanted to paint the door a greyish color he wasn't seeing the vision. I think Twin might have given me the idea (have to give her credit or I will be in trouble ha!) I just love the way it turned out (and so did my husband) and now my son wants this color for his room.

Now that we have an open floor plan I have had to limit what I put on the walls. This is my husband's favorite print and I had originally had it in the dining room. Since there was no longer a spot for it I added it to the foyer.
The table is from JCPenney.s
I made this vinyl quote and I just LOVE it.
It is a little hard to get great pictures since the foyer is not that big but I wanted to show you what you see above the door on the way out. Our Family Sign.

I got this lantern at Kirklands and I love it. It is pretty big and I wasn't sure what I was going to put in it. All I could think about was candles and I think I have a lot of candle holders already and wanted something different. I found the greenery at Hobby Lobby and I think it is the unexpected. I am going to add one of those battery operated candles in the fall when it gets dark earlier and hide it in the back of the greenery. I think that will look nice glowing at night.  Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Pinterest Recipe

It's not hard to get addicted to Pinterest! I wonder if there is a support group out there.
Just quick and simple way to turn rolls into waffles,

They cook up quickly. I think these were the first ones I made and I thought they were a little over done. But, having a 16 year old growing son I knew they wouldn't go to waste!
My son loved them! You can find the directions here. Have a great day.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Great Cleaning Tip from Pintrest

This is NOT my tub. I don't think I have a lot of soap scum on my tub but I love when I come across new house hold tips. I tried this mainly for my shower doors. Seems like I can never get them as clean as I would like. When I do this again I might change up the the amounts used. I just felt like it was too much Dawn soap. Now if you have a really bad tub with lots of soap scum than this would be the formula to use. I thought it did a great job and my tub was shinning! You can go here to check it out.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Helen Keller Quote

As most of you know twin and I own a etsy vinyl shop. This is my first vinyl piece because when we started the biz my husband and I were trying to decide if we should remodel the whole house or build a new one on our lot. Well, we decided to remodel. I must admit it has been very hard at times. My husband does all the work himself.  When you throw work, over time and sports with your child in the mix it does not leave a whole lot of time. We took the foyer, living room, kitchen and dining room down to the studs. Now we are pretty much done with those rooms so I get to start decorating! The FUN stuff.
I just love this Helen Keller quote. Twin suggested I put the cursive words in another color and I just LOVE how it turned out.  I got the iron scroll piece from Hobby Lobby. I am almost finished decorating the foyer. I just have to find some time to make my curtains and it will be complete. Will post pictures soon.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monterrey Chicken Pinterest

I took this picture off of Pinterest because I forgot to take a picture of my own, but I made this for dinner the other night and it was YUMMY! Very easy to make and everyone loved it. Logan's friend was over and he asked for seconds. You can get the recipe here.