Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Blessing

The last few months have been so busy. Fern and I went to New Orleans in February with our older sister. I was only home a few days and took the train to my daughters because she was having her second child. Crew was born almost 2 weeks early so we're weren't sure if she would go early again.                                                              
In introducing Ellery Claire.                        
She didn't find out the sex of either Crew or Ellery and Fern and I both guessed boy with Crew and girl with Ellery but was still surprised when it was announced. My daughter ended up having another C-section because she was breach but healthy and we are thankful. Crew loves her so much and there is no jealousy.                              

She is now 2 months old and weighs 13#!  My son was 16# at 2 months so I think she is taking after her uncle. Once he started walking all the baby fat went away. She is so sweet!                              
This is my first attempt at a post from my phone and it's so much easier! I find blogging and getting pics the regular way hard and confusing. Fern does a good job at it but I don't. Maybe I'll post more now. I do a lot more on FB because it's easy. This girl likes easy.