Sunday, March 28, 2010


Our birthday is coming up soon (April 5th) and we were talking today about what we wanted to do on that day. Then we started talking about what we were getting each other and how we had to go to great lengths to keep it a secret since we share our business email and if we order from Etsy it will show up on our Etsy business information. 

I asked Fran if she had discovered what I had gotten her and she said no. The person I had ordered Fran's gift from probably thought I was nuts for emailing her so much but I had to make sure it was a SURPRISE! 
Well, twin just called me and said she couldn't lie and act surprised when she opens her present from me because she  found out what I had gotten her!!! We are honest to a fault! There was one spot I forgot to delete and she found it.( not intentionally) Plus, she had to tell me that she got me the same thing!! HA!

We did this a few years ago when we got each other as many presents as our age and had NO idea the other thought of the same thing.
We got each other the necklaces pictured on top. I got Fran the silver one but it's not in yet and it will say My Twin, My Sister, My Best Friend. I can't believe we both ordered our necklaces with the same saying too. Fran got me the one with the mixed colored metals from here.
So much for keeping secrets from your twin! 

P.S. I just got off the phone with Fran's daughter Missy. She had heard that we both now know what we are getting so she could now tell me a story. 

She said she had just talked to her mom and she had told her what she was getting for me and then I talked to her 10 minutes later telling her what I was getting her mom and it was the same thing! She said "Remember when I put you on hold? That was because I was laughing so hard!" 

Maybe I'll get her a Mercedes next year. HA!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Thanks to all that entered our give away. It's been a crazy busy week for us but we finally picked a winner...Amy from A Little Piece of Heaven. Congrats, Amy.

Friday, March 12, 2010


 We decided to welcome Spring with a give-a-way! It's that time of year that we like to "spruce" things up and what better way to do that then a Welcome sign for your door. I know this year I am going to be repainting my front door and I can't want to put one of these on. Don't ya just LOVE the little birdie?
Now you get one chance with a comment and TWO if you mention us on your blog. If you mention us be sure to let us know. 
These make great gifts for a new neighbor, birthday, wedding, a thank you or a hostess gift. The list is endless. 
Good Luck everyone and have a great weekend.
ENDS 3/17/2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do you watch The Real Housewives of OC?

Do you watch  The Real Housewives of Orange County? Twin and I watch all the housewives shows but I think they are my favorites. Just thought I'd give my opinion on a few things and would like to hear what you think.

1. Vicki~Well, at least she's treating her husband better this season. Last season it was all about her job and how Donn didn't fill up her love tank. She didn't bother to notice that he was running on fumes himself. She seems to have a great husband and did not appreciate him. I think after watching herself she changed quite a bit and that's great. She now needs to work on her friendships. It's funny how these women talk about each other behind their backs and then call themselves friends. I think Vicki was right being upset when the men showed up in Florida when it was suppose to be a girls get away. I don't think it's right that she seems to think she can say anything about anyone but if she is confronted then she cries and says she is being attacked. If you can dish it out you have to be able to take it.

2. Tamra~She is my favorite. I think she is funny and honest. It's too bad her marriage didn't last but you could see how unhappy she was this season. I liked Simon but he was very controlling. He critisized everything she said and did and chose to blame Vicki instead of looking at his own faults. Maybe there is still a chance of them working it out if Simon would lighten up and quit thinking he is so perfect. We'll have to wait and see.

3. Gretchen~For a girl that started her own makeup line I thought she looked washed out this season. A beautiful girl but she looked more plain. Maybe she's ditched the false eyelashes. Something changed... Slade, YUCK. She could do so much better. I think it was nice of her to try and talk to Alexa and then that all blew up in her face. If something had happened to Alexa then Lynne would have been quick to say she should have done something but instead she took it as an insult that she wasn't a good parent. Well, if the shoe fits...

4. Alexis~The new girl. Very pretty but naive. She doesn't even realize when her husband is belittling her. I do not like him at all. He is very arrogant and controlling. She thinks he's hot but I don't find him the least bit attractive. They say they are Christians which is a good thing but I don't see it. They are no different then the others on the show, drinking, cussing, and talking about others behind their backs. It's your walk, not your talk. She said last night her church is fasting for her because she is on the show. I don't believe she is on the show for the right reasons. I believe her and her hubby are on for the attention. I believe this would be a great avenue to show others your Christian walk and they are blowing it. 
If her husband doesn't change, I see her walking just like Tamra in about 10 years. She's young yet, give her time.

5. Lynne~ Lights on but nobody's home. That girl needs to wake up. She has no idea of the family finances? She finds out they are behind in rent and she goes shopping, buying a leather jacket for over $1,000.00? Now that's smart. Her daughters...I kept thanking God they weren't mine. I thought by watching the past season she would come on the reunion show a different mom but she is still in denial and enabling those two. She makes excuses for their bad behavior. I have two teenagers and they are nothing like Lynne's daughters. My daughter and I watched together and she couldn't believe how Lynne was as a mom. That girl needs to wake up and take an active part in her life and quit making excuses for everything and everyone. I think she is the one that got me the most worked up this season because her daughter Alexa is so out of control, drinking, coming and going as she pleases and being so disrespectful to her parents and Lynne acts like she's in some kind of drunken stupper. Alexa seems to be crying out for some attention even if it's negative. The other thing that bugs me about Lynne's daughter is that she says the word LIKE, 10 times in every sentence. It was like finger nails on a chalkboard listening to her. This family needs some therapy, big time.

Well, that's my take on this season. Do you watch? Do you watch all the housewives or just certain ones? Now we're gearing up for the Housewives of N.Y. I do NOT like about self absorbed. And Simon, is it just me or is he odd? Talk about making a fashion statement, what man doesn't look good in red leather pants? HA He's quite the fashionista!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Putting In The Back Splash!

Hubby started the tiling above the stove. We got pyramid buttons (their in the last few pictures. They might look a little crooked. They are not permanently put in yet. I just wanted to show you what they will look like). I just love them. We didn't want it too be too busy and take away from the granite. I think the tile goes great with our flooring. We wanted something simple but at the same time something that would make a statement. We still have more tiling to do but I know I'm going to LOVE it. Oh, and that hole you're seeing is for the pot filler.

Just this area behind the stove top took days to do.With this pattern there was a lot of cutting. I hope the rest of the room doesn't take as long.

Friday, March 5, 2010


My laundry room has been bare for months.
As many of you know we are remodeling our home and it is taking a lot longer then expected. I had packed stuff away expecting to be farther then we are. I decided today I needed to put some of what I call "pretty's" out. I just couldn't take it any longer! HA! I have a pretty nice size laundry room. So I decided it needed some "Sunshine".

Added some baskets and some fruit.
I just love the bright colors.
 Some baskets hold necessities while some are just nice to look at. Dog treats for our dog Shadow. She lives up to her name. She follows me from room to room. Some times I have to tell her "stay I'll be right back"! She loves to ride in the truck or go hiking with my hubby but when she is in the house she is all mine. She always sleeps on the floor next to me.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Girl

I didn't want to let the day go by without saying Happy Birthday to my girl!

I just can't believe how quickly she went from this...

To this....
Today she celebrates a birthday and I celebrate one of the best gifts I ever received. LOVE YOU BABY GIRL