Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I had seen these at Michael's for more than $30.00 each, so when I found them on clearance at Wal-mart last fall for $9.00 each I bought the three that they had. I was so proud that I hung them evenly all by myself above my bed but then didn't know what to put in them. While I love oval frames, I don't think just any picture looks right in them. I considered bird prints but couldn't find any. So there they stayed, perfectly hung but empty.

Then I thought about doing a monogram. Three frames are perfect for that and I just needed to find some scrap book paper I liked and make the vinyl lettering to fit.

I just love the font I used. I'm redoing my bedroom and if I want I can always change out the paper to match and make new vinyl letters. Instant artwork for little $$.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I was watching the Today show and they interviewed a woman named, Rebecca Alexander. Her brother, Peter is a news correspondent for the show. Rebecca was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome, type III at the age of 12. Now at the age of 30, she has limited vision and hearing and will eventually lose both. One thing she hasn't lost is her zest for life. Click on her name and you will be able to read the all about this amazing woman.

So, while no one has a perfect life, it's people like Rebecca that help the rest of us put things into perspective. I am thanking God that I can SEE this beautiful day and HEAR the world around me. Enjoy today and have a blessed weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Joining the Spring Fluffing Party

I wanted to join in all the fun. Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is having a party!! This little cabinet is in the breakfast room.

I added some Spring and some Easter things. I just love my tulips. I think they look real. I have had them in about every room of my house.

I got these little chickies from Home Goods. My FAVORITE store. They have something for everyone. If you have never been you really should see if there is one near you. Ours is a drive but well worth it.

Just a little bunny I added a little black bow to. This is the first cloche I ever got. It is from Martha Stewart.

I think these little Easter eggs are so cute. The chocolate ones look real. No calories, my favorite HA! Be sure to head on over to take a peek at all the great Spring Fluffing or better yet, why not join us :o)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Inspiration from Picket's Place

When we built our house the mantle wasn't given much thought. We put this one up thinking we would do something better in time. You know how that goes, 10 years later and it was still the same. I've never cared for it much and then I saw where Dot from Picket Place had painted hers and thought I'd try it. I like it and think I can live with it a while longer!

I think it's hard to decorate a mantle. Mine changes quite a bit.

I've got newlywed daughter's picture up right now. That's her wedding invitation in the frame and a picture of her and her hubby coming out of the church next to it.

The wire "thingy" was on clearance at Hobby Lobby and I put fake fruit in it. I tried different things but ended up with that. The candle sticks were on clearance at Target.

Thanks Dot for the inspiration! A little paint can make a big difference!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Giveaway Winner

We had a giveaway a while back and the 1st place winner got to pick anything from our Etsy store. Well, Debbie from 3Littlebyrds won!! Be sure to check out her blog. Her children are SWEETNESS!! Hope she enjoys her gift.

The Twins

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus $$

I LOVED Jon and Kate Plus 8. I told all my friends about it when it first came on. No one was happier than me when it became a weekly series. My family knew that every Monday at 8:00, Mom had to spend 30 minutes with her "Other Family". I always told them if they needed anything to let me know because MY show would be coming on and unless the house was on fire I was not to be disturbed. It became a bit of a joke.

There have been a lot of changes in the last season or two. None that I like. Ever since they started getting freebies-Kate's tummy tuc (I was happy for her on that one), Jon's hair transplant, teeth whitening, Colorado trip, remarriage in Hawaii, Oh and Kate was on Say Yes To The Dress-getting a free dress for the wedding, free washers and dryers and who knows what all, things seem to have changed.( I got A LOT of the information I'm sharing with you from articles on line.)

On the earlier shows there was sweet SIL Jodi who watched the kids A LOT for Kate. She is no longer on the show. It has been written that TLC was going to start paying her but Kate said " No one gets paid but our family." Bye bye Aunt Jodi. Then there was her bestfriend Beth. They say she wrote the majority of the book Multiple Bles8ings. She's no longer around. I know they said Jon and Kate don't have anything to do with Kate's parents and Jon's mom (his dad died). They have NEVER been on the show. It said on line it began when Kate's dad who is a minister, asked the people in his church if they would help the couple. They donated cribs but Kate didn't want them because they didn't match and wanted cash instead.

Now they are ALONE in a new 1.3 million dollar home they bought. Kate is busy peddling the book they wrote. One hometown paper talked about how she came to promote her book and when someone asked her a question she was quick to let them know she doesn't do questions and if you weren't already in line for your copy of the book to be signed not to bother because she wasn't staying long enough.

Sometimes they speak at churches for a love offering. No pictures of the family are to be taken because they have brought their own to be sold at $20.00 each. Oh and cash only.

Kate has always been a bit short with Jon but now there are times she is just plain rude to him. She is so lucky to have this man. He is a great father and maybe more of a mother than her to tell you the truth. She is constantly cutting him down and no one does things as well as she does. Its been hard to watch lately. The show seems to be 75% Kate and 25% the rest of the family.

Don't even get me started on their daughter Maddy. That child needs some serious discipline. She is a bit like her mother. I hate to say this too because I loved Kate before.

And while we're on the subject of multiples, I agree Nadya the woman that had 8 babies already had plenty but she was inseminated with 6 and ended up having two sets of identical twins in the mix. Kate had 6 with no twins so she must have been inseminated with atleast 6 embryos too don't you think? So why didn't anyone question why she was inseminated with so many when they are saying it's wrong for implanting 6 in Nadya?

Anyway, thanks for listening to my drama!! I'm just so disappointed in a show I loved. But I guess it just goes to show that sometimes money does change people. I'd rather have Aunt Jodi and my bestfriend Beth. What about you?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do you have a Kroger near you?

Found these at our Kroger store. Fern bought theses and I am "bunnysitting" them for her until her kitchen is done. She said hubby is finishing up the plumbing this weekend and then the drywall is going to be next!!

It didn't say what these were to be used for but we thought they made great napkin holders. They were $1.99. Loved the price.

Decided to go with all the different colors.

The big bunny is YELLOW but looks cream. The big bunny was $9.99! With some Easter napkins and placemats you have yourself a great look for just a little $$.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bachelor or ....What Melissa called him.

So...What did you think of The Bachelor last night? I felt sorry for Jason when Deanna dumped him for Jesse and was happy to hear he would be the next bachelor. He seemed like a nice, considerate, straight up kind of a guy and a loving dad. As the show progressed it seemed that if he wasn't kissin' he was cryin' and it became a bit annoying. I'm not sure who needs more mothering, Ty or Jason.
Melissa seemed the ovious choice. Very motherly and wholesome. The old Jason would have been perfect for her. Then there is Molly. A very pretty and sweet girl but a lot more agressive. What kind of girl settles for sloppy seconds? You get dumped (probably after a night of endless you know what after his body rub) and all is forgiven when he says he made the wrong choice. PLEASE! Does she not have a bit more self esteem than that?

Some are saying the whole thing was planned for better ratings...I'm not sure of that but I don't think Molly found out how Jason felt for the first time last night. Then to dump Melissa on T.V. and not be man enough to do it in private prior to the show was so classy of him. I think he should of asked for more time if he wasn't sure.

I don't watch every minute of The Bachelor or Bachelorette because it is predictable and boring at times. I'm a channel surfer when it comes to this show. The way the women usually fight over the guy and the make out scenes are sometimes embarrassing. And then you have the girls that are booted after the first or second episode cryin' 'cause they love him and he doesn't know what he's givin' up. LOL

So what did you think of The Bachelor and do you see Jason in a different light?