Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Does your name give away your age?

Before Twin and I started our blog, we would visit others and leave comments along with our names. When we decided to start our own blog, one of the posters said that they had thought previously that we were two little old ladies! Could it be because of our names? We were given our names because of our grandmothers. We had a Grandma Fern and a Grandma Fran. Fern and Fran go together pretty well. No, we're not quite little old ladies, we're in our 40's.

Now you have your names that are passed down from generation to generation, especially male names such as~
It's hard to judge age with those names. For females it may be~

Katherine (Kate Katie)
What age do you think of when you hear names such as Bertha~Helen~Irene? Maybe grandmother age?

What about Barbara~Susan~Debbie? Born in the 40's-60's maybe?

Then you have Shannon~Tiffany~Carrie. Do you think more 70's and 80's?

How about Payton, Preston, Harper, Braydon, Greyson, etc. Is that the new wave of favorites?

While you can't always judge a persons age by their name, they do have a pattern to them. Some old names are coming back such as Jack and Henry. I think just like styles changing in fashion and home decor so do names. You have your staples and your fads.

What do you think your name says about you?


Lou Cinda said...

I have no idea! lol

There is only ONE Lou Cinda that is spelled like mine, and it is me!

My mother found my name on a tombstone in a cemetery when she was a little girl! Isn't that just a cozy little story???

I have never "loved" it, but I just roll with it!

It is what it is!!

I'm in my 40's too, but barely!!

Lou Cinda :)

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

I put an agonizing amount of time into deciding my girls names, Lauren & Hannah. Both classic names that can be little girls or grandmas, either one. I think I put that much time into their names, because I hate my own (Regina -- I shortened it).

I feel sorry for little kids with incredibly hard to spell and pronounce names. Simple is always best in my book!

Kimberly said...

I like this post. Very clever. I think my name screams child of the 80's. I haven't met another Kimberly in a long time. Your right, we often picture a person's age based on their name. Sometimes it's true and sometimes not. My daughter's name is definitely one of the popular names of today. It could go in the group with Greyson. Addison is another popular name. There are so many Addisons at Hayley's school, I've lost count. It is fun to think about the naming trends.

Cottage on the Hill said...

Well for starts...everyone constantly asks "can you twitch your nose" know Tabitha from Bewitched!!!...LOL...funny thing is my parents never even thought about that Tabitha when they gave me the name...go figure.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I hear it a lot - Oh, I have a dog named Missy!" You do not hear the name Missy often anymore though

Audra Lynn said...

Most people I meet usually tell me that they've known one (maybe two) other Audra's in their life. We named our little boy Aidan, totally trendy, and our little girl Neely. It's funny, because with Neely, I'm starting to get deja vu. "I used to know a Neely..." :D

Shannon said...

I think mine says 80's. :) I wonder what Westin's will say when he is older??

Cynthia said...

My name, Cynthia, is Old Lady and HAS been an old lady name since it was given to me back in 1872!

3LittleByrds said...

I feel my name Debbie or Deborah says old or at least older than what I am. I've never went to school with another Debbie my age. I'm 30. I got my name from my dad's cousin who was like a sister to him that was killed in a car crash when she was 21 by a drunk driver. He says I look alot like her now. So I got my name from someone special but it does make me feel old sometimes.

Janean said...

we DO make judgments about names. i like mine and think it's age-neutral. U.S. President's daughters influence naming: Amy, for example.

Sue said...

Who KNOWS what my name says about me? Of course, I rarely see a Susan/Sue these days... I must be old!? LOL

kanishk said...

I feel sorry for little kids with incredibly hard to spell and pronounce names. Simple is always best in my book! Work from home India