Sunday, September 28, 2008

We LOVE Purses :o)

I had a yard sale (we call them garage sales and yes this was in a garage lol) with my neighbor. I got to look at her stuff before anyone else and I'm glad I did. She has a lot of those knock off purse parties and I got ALL these purses you see here for $17.50. Yes, that's right girls and that's NOT a typo. Less than $20 bucks!! This one is a Kate Spade.

I'm thinking this one she got from Longaberger. I loved it the first time I saw her use it and now it's MINE :o)

This is another kate spade. I just love the detail bow. Isn't it cute?

This is a BURBERRY. I love plaid.

I thought this one was sweetness. Not a whole lot of room but great when going some where a little more dressy. It's by kate spade.

There's that bow I just LOVE.

This is a liz claiborne. It has a bow too.

Another kate spade. I'm using this one at the moment. Not taking it to Vegas though. I need something BIG to hold all that $$$ I'm going to win!!

And there you have it my friends. I'm just tickled pink. These purses would of cost me my Vegas money if I would of bought them new.

Oh, and by the way I had already planned on having this garage sale before I knew I was going to Vegas. My hubby said I could take all the money. He is a sweetie. I had several big ticket items such as furniture and my grand total was............$524.55. YEAH FOR ME! I know what your thinking and YES I am going to SHARE with my twin.

I wish all of you were going with us. What fun we would have and the trouble we could get into!!! I'm thinking French and Buffie would be a BLAST and just what we need 'cause their the wild and crazy gals in our neighborhood!! But remember they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so no one would know ;0)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Fern's boss has lupus and went through a flare up for about the last four months. It attacked her lungs and heart. She was told she had a weak heart muscle. The doctor put her on medicine for the weak heart muscle. She was having trouble breathing and was put on oxygen. If the medicine did not work then the next step was a pace maker. In the last few weeks she started felling a lot better. She went to one of her doctors and they said the pills were working. She went to see her breathing doctor this week and the first thing he did was grab her hands and tell her he didn't think he would ever see her again!! That is how close to death this sweet woman was. Then she was told she no longer needed the oxygen...Praise God. It feels like nothing short of a miracle!!!

Now for the Vegas part....she wants to take both me and Fern all expenses paid to Vegas to celebrate!! She's getting us twins a SUITE!! So we will be taking LOTS of pictures. We are hoping to get tickets to see Cher, possibly Carrot Top and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it but I want to see Donny and Marie if possible....LOL

We all went to Vegas in 2006 and saw our all time fave Celine. We adore Celine. Our seats were unbelievable. My daughter got me a ticket to see her again this November but the seats will be nothing like we were fortunate enough to get in Vegas but I will still love it.

I am going with a bit of a heavy heart because I will be missing Homecoming for my daughter and son. They gave me their blessing to go but I still have that Mom guilt. Don't tell me you would pass up the opportunity so you could be home for the dance 'cause I'll start crying and feeling so bad. I'm hoping getting to see Cher and maybe an alcoholic frufru drink will take care of that!
(This is Fern) I thought I needed to add that Fran never does anything for herself. She is the BEST mom EVER. She is really struggling with wanting to go and not being there for the dance her two youngest are going to. When she asked her son last night what he thought he said (I was on the phone to her at the time and heard him) "Mom I think you should go and have fun. You do so much for us." Now that tells ya what kind of mom she is :o)
We will be gone Oct. 2 till Oct. 6th.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have a couple of questions :o)

I want to thank everyone who is out looking for my liquid soap dispenser. You guys are the greatest. I'm still hoping theres that one lonely one on the shelf begging for a new home....

I have a couple of questions:

1. Where it says comments I would like mine to say (neighbors) since we are all neighbors now! How do I do that?

2. When we pre-post and then post why does mine might say 2 days ago (that is when I did it) instead of the time I posted? I don't want it to be the time I MADE to post but the time I POSTED it. I hope ya understand what I mean.

3. I have a favor to ask of someone. I tried putting a background on a few weeks ago and really MESSED things up. Could someone put it on for me? It's from The Cutes BLog on the Block. I'm sure if I tried a few more times it would either be successful or we would LOSE our BLOG!!!

I may be adding a few more questions but that is all for now.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

I need HELP from my blog friends

Fran and I were at Walmart a couple weeks ago and she spotted these on sale. She has this set in her bathroom and knew I wanted them too. Well, they had the tissue holder and these two pieces so I got all of them. Now I need the liquid soap dispenser. I have looked at several Walmarts and can't find one. It dawned on me this morning that maybe my blog friends could help me :o)

I have no idea what this set is called. I am hoping some where there is a Walmart with one left...just for me.
Not sure how good my pictures are but they have a wrought iron base. Their kind of an ivory color but these pictures are showing white.

They would be in the clearance. They are marked down super cheap so I am afraid I waited too long to ask for help. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Thank you :o)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Just a little something on the fireplace...waiting to be painted it black
like Dot's at Pickets Place. She did an amazing job!

A little something above the scattered cabinets in the kitchen.

Got a little fake ivy going on. Don't tell Nester!

Not sure of what else I could put in this. Any ideas?

Not the best picture taker!! How do some people get such amazing pictures and some of us look like we're still using the first camera we ever purchased? What's the secret?The flower arrangement is so much
better than it's showing. The hurricane candle holder is one of
my favorites to decorate.

Have a wonderful day :0)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oh, how I L-O-V-E a Bargain!!

I (twin 1) work 4 days a weeks and have Fridays off. So when hubby's are working and the children are in school twin 2 and I usually do what we love most SHOP! Some times we will hit a couple of Home Goods stores and load up or go to the mall. Well, we have been really good lately and have just been spending the time together and not shopping until....My bosses gave me a gift certificate to Kohl's and we just HAD to go. I got a really nice sweater and dress pants and then we decided to go to the mall.

We went to Bergner's because they had a Good Will sale going on. Well, I hit pay dirt. I got all you see in the picture above plus a couple of summer tops I have packed away already for.......Are you ready for this!!!!! $136.31 Not including tax!! If I would of paid the original prices for each piece it would of came to $528.92. I think I did great. There's 8 jackets there, a pair of dress pants, 2 sweaters 6 long t-shirt shirts to put under sweaters and stuff. I got 18 pieces all together. I HATE winter for I am always cold so I have to layer.

Fran picked out this sweater. It was the most expensive at $19.97 and it was originally $44.00.

I've been looking for a red sweater and I loved this one. Was $40.00 but I got it for $17.92.

I had Good Will coupons (20% off) and since I had not used my credit card in so long it was no long on file so I opened a new one and got another 20% off. I tried to take a picture of my receipt but it wouldn't work.
I have been cleaning out my closet all day! Oh, how I LOVE to shop but I love a BARGAIN even better : o)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


God Bless America


This is a warning.....this could happen to you.....if you eat too much candy!!!

I know it may be a little early but I just wanted to share some ideas for your pumpkin carving this year. My son did this one. He was almost 12 at the time. My hubby got these ideas off the internet.

Uh oh, I think I'm next............

I'll get you my little pretty.......

I think Halloween holds such special memories for kids. One Halloween I tripped on my costume first thing and twisted my ankle. Didn't stop me any!! It only comes one night a year and you have to make the most of it!!

P.S. Don't forget French from British Colonial Love Affair will be on HGTV tonight...Rate My Space!! Lets all give her our support.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Second blog of the day :o)

Our first post of the day didn't go over very well. It was PASS IT FORWARD. We loved the idea but it seems not a lot of people wanted to play and that's fine (note the blog under this one) I just thought I would post something else so no one feels pressured.

These are some pictures of Fran's fall decorating. She just started so there will be some more pictures to follow. This is on the wall leading to the kitchen. This was bought at the Sandwich Craft Show that is held on the last Thursday in September. It's a big craft fair and lots of people attend. It's a lot of fun and you never know what you might find.

This is the table in entry. She made the flower arrangement.

This is the wreath on her front door.

Mine house is under MAJOR construction and I'm hoping in a couple of months to show you a brand new kitchen, living room and dining room combo. We took down the walls to make it all one. Hubby is doing ALL the work (gutting all of it, even the ceilings) so it takes a little longer. (the poor guy does have to get SOME sleep he he) I can't wait!!!!

More pictures to post tomorrow so we will see you then :o)

Share the LOVE and We have a WINNER :o)

French from British Colonial Love Affair offered this on her blog and we are offering it on ours. If you don't want to be a part of it and want to post a comment you can do so. If your one of the first 3 comments just let us know you don't want to forward. I think this will be a lot of fun! I love getting stuff in the mail especially if it is a surprise :o)

Forward" Post! The first three people to comment received a gift.. Here are the rules... (I think)!The rules are that it can be something that I've made (yeah right!), bought, or found, but that it should be something that I'd like to receive if it were me getting the gift! If you happen to be one of THE FIRST 3 persons to leave a comment, all I ask is that they do the same for the FIRST 3 PEOPLE to leave a comment on your blog and that you do a blog publishing the rules like I have done here. I'll touch base with the FIRST THREE PEOPLE later to get their mailing addresses to send their little surprise package. This should be fun and I'm looking forward to it! The item can be one thing.......... a couple of small things............. or whatever you'd like. Be creative and remember that it doesn't have to cost a lot of money, just send something that you'd like to receive if you were on the receiving end of it!! Now, let's share the love!

I also want to let you know who won our give-a-way!! We used the I got off of Kelly's Korner so the winner is.........teresa @ take a sentimental journey!!! WOW!! HEY HEY!! COntgrATeS.
We would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who came to visit us and say WELCOME to our neighborhood. We have met a lot of new people and are excited to come a visit each of you. If we did NOT add you to our Neighborhood list PLEASE let know!!

Also I could use some help!!!!
I would like to know how you write someone's name and it links to their blog. I'm on a computer all day at work but I don't know how to do this fancy stuff!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome to OUR Neighborhood & a GIVE AWAY :o)

We would like to welcome you to our neighborhood. Thank you for making us feel so welcomed to blogland. We are really enjoying ourselves. Please, take our Welcome to our Neighborhood home with you.

Now for the FUN part.....The GIVE AWAY!!! We did a little fall shopping and we hope you like what we picked out. The RULES are:

1. mention our give away on your blog.
2. leave us a note telling us something about yourself.
3. let us know it you want to move into our neighborhood (add you to our blog list if you aren't there yet.) Hope none of you want to move out! LOL

Let our story begin.... We are the 4th and 5th born in our family of six. We were born 5 minutes apart. Fern came first and then of course came Fran. We are identical twins.
We got our names Fern and Fran (YIKES!) from our grandmothers. Our dad's mom was Fern and mom's was Fran. Pretty convenient huh?
Growing up we were always close. Mom said having twins was the easiest except we only came to her if we were hungry. We got our love from each other and didn't really need anyone else. I'll tell ya a little story while Fran is out of the room....when we were in kindergarten they put us in separate classes. Fran cried to our mom every day until they finally put us together. For years she said I was the one who complained. Even tho I didn't remember it that way I went along with it. Well, one day we were talking about it and our mom said hey wait a minute it was FRAN that cried not Fern!! Mom said I would sit at the supper table every night and tears would roll down my face but I never complained (wasn't I a sweet child?) Oh, wait a minute before Fran gets back in the room I have ANOTHER story (he he) One day my mom bought some new kind of bread. We asked if we could have some and she said yes but we had to eat it all. Well, Fran took a piece and I waited to see what she thought. After a couple of minutes I asked her if she liked it and she said it was delicious! Oh, it was GROSS. I asked her why she lied and she said she didn't want to have to sit and eat it by herself. But, she was a really nice sister...honest.
We wore matching outfits until about fourth grade. I remember sometimes one would have to give into the other on what we were going to wear because we wouldn't leave the house unless we were dressed alike. Our older sister talked us into not dressing alike because she said we would have more clothes that way.
This was in our town newspaper when we were going into first grade. It was an article about back to school. I guess you could say this was our "Five minutes of FAME"
After High School we got an apartment together for a short time.When Fran got married, I felt like I got a divorce. I missed her terribly (mind you she lived across TOWN!)

When Fran was pregnant with her first child everyone guessed what it was going to be and what date it would be born. I think I said a boy and I don't remember what day I picked out. Anyways one night I had a dream she had a baby girl and I asked my mom who was in the dream what day it was and she said June 10. When I woke up I called my mom to tell her and forgot all about it. Well, after Fran had her daughter Melissa (Missy) my mom found the paper she had written it down on. And sure enough I had told her June 10 and a baby girl!

One day we watched a video we made when her daughter was little. There's one part in it where I go to say something and I can't remember the word I want to say. Fran finishes the sentence for me and unless you watch for that part you would never know it 'cause we didn't miss a beat. We have been finishing each other sentences for years and just didn't know it.

We talk to each other everyday. While we see each other quite a bit we try to make every Friday our day. We love each others company the best. No one makes me laugh the way she does. We love the same things and we're always guaranteed to have a great time. When we get together our family just shakes their heads because we are always laughing at something and they don't always GET IT. Then they just look at each other and say it must be a TWIN THING!

Fran wrote me a poem when I got married and the very last line is: The greatest gift the Lord could twin, my sister, my best friend.

As time goes by we will be sharing our families with you too.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little better and we can't wait to know a little more about each of you.