Sunday, May 22, 2011

We are going to be on GROOPDEALZ again tomorrow!!

We are being featured again on tomorrow!! We are so ExCIteD!! If you have never visited this site it is a must. They have a deal of the day and you can save up to 50%.  They sell jewelry, hair bows, teeth whitening and lots of other great stuff.  Go check it out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Three Little Birdies Vinyl Special

Our three little birdies would look darling in any nursery!

You could add them too just about any room in the house.

Our little birdies are approximately 4 inches. You get all three for $4.oo and free shipping.  We want to thank everyone for making our last vinyl special such a great success! You can still purchase our plant, grow, bloom decals here.  If you have any ideas of what you might want to see as a special from our shop just drop us an email.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Senior Prom

Crew was Lexi's back up date for prom. He was ready to dance the night away.

Although there are many years between my girls, they are very close and Missy is always there to share the special times with her sister. I would take John and Lexi to see Missy in college and drop them off for days at a time because she missed them. She has always been a sister, friend and a second mom to them. It took awhile before we were blessed with more children after having Missy and I think she wanted them as much as I did.

Crew wasn't very happy when this guy showed up and he knew he wouldn't be needing his dancing shoes. HA
They had a great time.
After Crew got over his disappointment, he and Grandma had a great time. Time really does fly and before you know it this little man will be getting ready for his prom. I keep saying "Stay little, stay little!" He is so precious.