Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

We usually always have Christmas Eve at our house. Last year there was no way that was going to be possible. We didn't have a kitchen, living room or dining room. So this year it is back on but we have a lot more work to go. You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge.
Here is a picture of the ceramic floors and our new wood floors are in. The kitchen and butler's pantry have ceramic (the foyer too) and they are heated!! What a difference. We are on a crawl and those of you that don't have a basement can relate to me. COLD! This radiant heat is the cat's meow I'm telling you.
Oh, speaking of cats here is our cat Matilda Louise (Fran named her!) We hung our island lights today. We still have more bar stools to put together before the party.
Here's a look at the living room. A work in progress. We still have all of our wood trim such as floor boards, crown molding, wainscoting and we are building columns.
The wainscoting will be in the dining room and the foyer. We still have to hang our dining room light. I know the living room and dining room don't look that great right now but I think when the wood work is done, some curtains and a few decorations will warm the area up nicely.
We are going to put up a tree tomorrow night. We worked all day but still couldn't get everything done. I did manage a few Christmas decorations.
We have to put trim under the cabinets so you can't see all of our switches. We are going to put up a ceramic back splash as soon as the holidays are over. All of our plugs are mounded under the cabinets in a strip so you don't have to put them in the tile. I saw that a few years ago and knew I wanted them so they are hidden.
It is really hard to take a picture of our ceiling. It is really cool. It is like an inset and then crown around it. It is in the living, dining area too. Fran painted the inside of it with the colors I used in the foyer, dining room and living room. She did what they call woolie. Looks marbleized.
Here's another picture. My husband has done all the work except the granite so it has been a longer process. The detail is amazing.
Here's a little bit of the dining room. I still have a lot of my stuff in storage. I have been shopping for a long time waiting for everything to get done. I have forgotten everything I have bought!! I had been looking for a wire cloche to buy and today while unpacking some of my purchases I found I had already bought one!! I have no idea what I am going to find in the storage. I would go shopping and every so often hubby would have to take a trip to the storage to drop off some packages because we would run out of who knows what I might find!


southerninspiration said...

What an exciting adventure to have made so much progress....the kitchen looks great so far. And what an exciting adventure to see what's in storage!! LOL...sounds like me!
Have a Merry Christmas!


Auntie D said...

Gorgeous!! I love it all!! Hoping you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! :)

Sue said...

Fern, This looks just amazing! Even though it isn't quite complete, I'm sure you're happy to have it back together for your celebration. Wishing you and yours the happiest of all holidays!
hugs, Sue

Lou Cinda said...

Stunning!! Love the window and the cabinets!! And that ceiling!!! OMG!! LOVE IT!!!

Beautiful job!!

Lou Cinda

Audra Lynn said...

I'm surprised you had time to blog about it! I cna't wait to see it with a tree. :) Merry Christmas!

bj said...

OMG, girl twin....this kitchen is AWESOME ! just beautiful. I love your cabinets...and your pendent lights are so pretty. I want some like them so bad..."O..SANTAAAAAAA.."
Your hubby has done an amazing job...very nice indeed.
Ya'll have a wonderful CHRISTMAS...

bj said...

O, yes....
TO DIE FOR CEILING !!!!!!!!!!!

Tootsie said...

Merry Christmas to you my friend and a very happy new year

Picket said...

Ohhhhhhh it is beautiful girl!!!!! I love all the little details you are using...ohhhh I know you must be thrilled!!!!! Just look at all those cabinets!!!!! Ohhhh I have cabinet envy!!!!! lol lol I dream of one day having a big kitchen with cabinets everywhere to hold lots of dishes (not that I'm a 'dishaholic' mind you! lol)I am so happy for you girl...Merry Christmas to both of you and your beautiful families!!!! Love ya! ~Picket~

Kitchen cabinets said...
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