Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We had the time of our lives!

Today we're starting off by showing you our suite, and sweet it was! This is what you saw when you first walked in. The colors may be off a bit as the pillows on the couch were more red.

Oh look, they gave us a gift.

To the right of the door was the built in with the t.v., fridge down below, and the coffee station.

This suit was at Harris in the Mardi gras section of the hotel. It had just been remodeled and they went a bit modern with it.

Now going into our bedroom. The drapes were really pretty.

This is was our bedroom t.v. but the coolest t.v. is yet to come...

The vanity/desk was next to the dresser. It was nice to get ready here.

Our bed. The headboard was leather.

The lamps in both the living room and bedroom were so cool but Twin didn't get a close up. The base was a clear glass and the shades were like a resin.

The wallpaper in the bathroom was very modern and I thought it would make a great focal wall in a teens room. I did notice they didn't match it in the corners of the room. I'll bet a man hung it. Ha. That is a jacuzzi tub. I hate to admit it but we never used it. We were SO busy!

Here is the surprise, a t.v. in the mirror! It was a smooth mirror above the double sinks with a black box inside. It was awesome. Wish I had one of these at home!!
Fern went to work a year after our mom died and that is how we met Linda. She has been our God sent and even though she isn't quite old enough to be our mother, she is very motherly to us. I have never met a more giving and selfless person in my life. We will be sharing all the wonderful things we were able to do because of her.


Lou Cinda said...

How fun this must have been!!! My son, Seth went to Vegas a couple of months ago with a friend and her parents paid for everything! They stayed in a suite at Hard Rock and LOVED it! They had a tv in the mirror too! He had a blast and wants to go back!

Lou Cinda :)

southerninspiration said...

Wow, what a treat.....Such a cool room!


Sue said...

Hi Girls!!! What fun you must have had in Vegas! That tv would have fascinated me, too. Cool room= all modern and all. Want to hear about what you gals did! Off to look at your shop.
hugs, Sue