Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vinyl Special FREE SHIPPING :o)

We are having a Special this week on our Welcome door sign. We are having FREE SHIPPING! This is a great gift for Secret Santa or that one person who has everything. This would be great to have on hand for when you're invited somewhere and you don't have time to pick something up. Also great for hostess gifts, teachers, bus drivers, babysitters or even that special someone who takes care of your animals when your away. Just that little something that lets someone know you thought of them. Comes in a variety of colors.

This is an example of what it might look like on a red door. I just love it and I think the bird is that little something extra. If this goes good then perhaps we will have a Special every week.
Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween.

P.S. Granite is in and will have pictures soon!


Lou Cinda said...

Girls ~ I got my tree branch yesterday and LOOOOOOVE it!! I totally understand your directions to "take your time"! Steve and I "installed" it last night and we we went sloooowly to make sure all of our teeny little stems went where they were supposed to!! It looks FABULOUS and I LOVE the birds! I am doing a post on it for Monday!!

Thank you so much!!! I am thinking..... I NEED MORE!!

Lou Cinda :)

Laura H said...

Dang it!! I just found your blog. On Monday i purchased a vinly Welcome sign for $18.00!!!