Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Decorating

I got these Believe blocks from a store in town. I just love them.I am really loving the light green. I didn't have any other decorations with that color of green so I had to find a few things to incorporate with my other decorations.

I have several lanterns and wanted to be able to use them in the Christmas decorations. I found a couple snowman hats and twin suggested I used them on the top of the lanterns. This lantern sits on my island and is at least 2 feet tall. It's very large. I usually have it on the floor in my entry. I think they turned out cute.

I got these ornaments at the same shop I got my Believe.

I got these ornaments from Kirklands.

Another lantern.

I am just loving these hats! Even if you just were to set it on a couch table or end table how cute would that be?

I got this wreath at Home Goods along with the snow globe inside. Love that store! If you have never been you really need to treat yourself. I think this wreath helped pull some of the light green together in the room.
Happy Holidays!
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