Friday, July 20, 2012

Show Us Your Foyer

Kelly is having Show Us Your Foyer today. Mine is still a work in progress, but let me show you what has been done. As most of you know we are still remodeling our house. The WHOLE house. This is a look at the foyer from the living room. It is not a very big room but I love it.

This is the right side of my foyer. I have the fabric to make some "no sew" curtains but just haven't found the time to make them. The material is very bright with color. I felt I could do just about anything with this room since it is set apart of the rest of the open concept.

This is the left side as you walk in. Matilda Louise decided she wanted to be in the picture! The trunk on the left is where we store our shoes. The little bench is from Kirklands.

I got these prints from Janet Hill Studio on etsy. Twin and just love all of her work. A very talented lady.

I had these frames and they were off white. I wanted the prints to "pop" so hubby painted them for me. Love the way they turned out.

When I told my hubby I wanted to paint the door a greyish color he wasn't seeing the vision. I think Twin might have given me the idea (have to give her credit or I will be in trouble ha!) I just love the way it turned out (and so did my husband) and now my son wants this color for his room.

Now that we have an open floor plan I have had to limit what I put on the walls. This is my husband's favorite print and I had originally had it in the dining room. Since there was no longer a spot for it I added it to the foyer.
The table is from JCPenney.s
I made this vinyl quote and I just LOVE it.
It is a little hard to get great pictures since the foyer is not that big but I wanted to show you what you see above the door on the way out. Our Family Sign.

I got this lantern at Kirklands and I love it. It is pretty big and I wasn't sure what I was going to put in it. All I could think about was candles and I think I have a lot of candle holders already and wanted something different. I found the greenery at Hobby Lobby and I think it is the unexpected. I am going to add one of those battery operated candles in the fall when it gets dark earlier and hide it in the back of the greenery. I think that will look nice glowing at night.  Thanks for stopping by!


Natasha said...

I too am a fan of the grey on the door. Very nice.

As you can tell, I'm slowly catching up on my SUYL reading :)

Shannon said...

I love your prints and I love that you have a foyer! I have always wanted a house with a foyer. :)