Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yard Work and Tan Lines HA!

Hubby has been busy trying to get some yard work done.
We are putting in retaining walls in the front of our house and will be doing the same to the back yard.
We think it just adds a finishing look.
We still need to add the caps to finish it off. It was a big job and it is about 4 times as much in the back yard! We love it. We are going to paint our front door, add a new screen door and a few more little things and the front will be done.
I think I either need a new camera or perhaps I should read the manual that came with it!! I take terrible pictures. Fran and I each got these bikes from my boss a couple summers ago and I just LOVE it!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. Goes way too fast for me. Taking a couple days off this week for some fun in the pool with twin and a girlfriend!! Have to work on our tan lines. HA!



Kimberly said...

I love it! The bright colors really make the landscaping. Beautiful.

Belinda said...

looks beautiful! your hubby did a great job! Now if he could just have a little talk with Jeff my husband I would be in business! I hate yard work HAHA!

Marie said...

Love the yard. It looks so welcoming and refreshing. I promise you won't be seeing any pictures of my back yard on my blog! But some day....ahhh

Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving a little insight to where my background may have gone. Geez, you think they'd notify a girl! I suppose it was time for a change.

Dancing in Tattered shoes

3LittleByrds said...

What beautiful flowers and such pretty colors. Thanks for stopping by my blog.