Friday, July 30, 2010

What A Blessing He Is

I know I am VERY late with these pictures. We have been very busy with baseball and we are doing a lot of outside work to our home. Logan graduated 8th grade! My how time flies. One thing I would like to say to those women who are having trouble getting pregnant. Don't give up. What we thought was going to take 9 months took us 8 1/2 YEARS!! Lots of tears and heartache but well worth it. This child has brought so much happiness into our lives. 
This is Fran's son John. He just graduated High School this year. They look and sound so much alike it is eerie. They say genetically that when identical twins have children they can not determine who is the mother.
Umm... I wonder who the REAL mother is!! HA!


Kristen said...

Handsome guy! Congrats on graduation and you are right - those boys do look alike!

Cynthia said...


We got our Logan (and his twin Bethany) after 3.5 years of intense fertility treatments, including 2 failed IVF attempts. So glad neither of us quit trying to get our heart's desire!

Oh- and you'd be AMAZED at how many people asked me if my boy/girl twins were identical. Seriously.

Katie said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! Congrats on the graduation! What a handsome family you have!
I have identical twin uncles and they each have 4 kids. They all look soooo much alike! They figured out they are technically 1/2 brothers/sisters. Twins are so fun!

Sue said...

Hi Fern, We had that discussion last year about having to wait for our boys... It took Dan 12 years to make his appearance!!
Both you and Fran are indeed blessed with your boys. And yes, that family resemblance is definitely there!!!!! You all look so HAPPY! hugs, Sue

Becky said...

oh my goodness you two look SO much alike! And so do the boys that is so crazy!