Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Housewives of NJ wrap

Another season of the Housewives Of New Jersey comes to an end. A boring season at that. It started out with Danielle thinking she needed body guards and an ex con applied for the job. She's a nut job but my biggest concern is how she uses her children as her personal therapists. It is so wrong and has to fall under mental child abuse. Why would a loving mother do that to her children?

Teresa and Joe are a piece of work. I like Teresa but I don't care for what they did and their attitude that it's not a big deal. Eleven million dollars in debt and they file bankruptcy because as Teresa put it "We want a fresh start." Spend, spend, spend and then file for bankruptcy and let the tax payers absorb the debt because we can still keep our mcmansion and all we purchased before filing and then we'll wait to release our book so the government can't have any of that money and what are we out? NOTHING...Hmmm, maybe they're on to something. I'm going to ask hubby when we should start building our 10,000 square foot dream home. I'll call him while I'm shopping and maxing out the credit cards. We'll need some new furniture to fill up the rooms in that house...

Jacqueline is sweet enough but her daughter, Ashley is so disrespectful. Now what is your take on the hair pulling incident? Ashley claims she only pulled Danielle's hair because she thought she had hurt her mother.  If you were with someone you thought was hurt, what is the first thing you would do? Find that person and see if they are alright or look for the person that may have hurt them? Ashley did some fast thinking after she pulled Danielle's hair to cover up the truth and not one adult thinks she's lying?  Yes, family sticks together and in this case covers for one another. Not the best example for a child.

Caroline tried to stay out of the drama. She is a very loving mom and close to her children. Unlike Teresa and Jacqueline, she doesn't seem to over indulge her kids. They all work and have respect for their parents. I don't think she should have confronted Danielle last night as she received her information all second hand. She went with the sole purpose of getting Danielle to drop the charges against Ashley, not caring enough to listen to anything Danielle had to say. Family sticking together or family cleaning up and covering up for one another? Children need to have consequences and this was a good lesson for Ashley. Danielle did exaggerate the situation. You'd think the poor woman was scalped!

Another case of cover up was Joe's accident. Who really believes they all met in N.Y. for dinner and Joe didn't belt back a few? He claims he drank after the accident but before the police arrived. Does no one in this family take responsibility for their actions? I also feel Jacqueline's husband, Chris and especially Joe are a bit controlling of their wives. 

What it all boils down to is a high school clique and as hard as she tried and in all the wrong ways, Danielle was never going to be a part of it. As much of a wackadoo Danielle may be, I do feel sorry for her. She just wants to be a part of a family and she is so envious of those women. That family is as thick as thieves and there is no room for Danielle. It makes me wonder, which is better, to be a Danielle who says yes, this is who I am. You either love me, or hate me, there is no in between. Or to be one of the others, who make excuses for bad behavior, lie and cover for each other, spend money they don't have and leave the tax payer picking up the tab?


Kristen said...

I've never seen this show but it sounds like a train wreck...so glad not to be a part of a world like that!

Jen said...

I've watched every season!
Last nites episode wasnt all its cracked up to be...It is just like high school..everybody gossiping and showing off how much they have & how much they can spend!! Although everybody is a little crazy..Danielle is the bigges nut job I've ever seen..I cant feel one ounce of sympathy for her..she brings it on her self..and her poor daughters..having to listen to it all!!!

Salmanshahid said...
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Southern Queen Bee said...

WOW...I don't watch, but sounds like it would have just made me mad if I watched.