Friday, January 8, 2010

Not New Years Resolutions~just goals

It seems hard to stick with a New Years resolution past the first week so Twin and I are setting some goals for the new year.

1. GETTING BETTER ORGANIZED I think most people feel that with the new year. I want there to be a place for everything and everything in its place...except the kids rooms. That would be a dream come true and I'd be kidding myself to think that would happen. Let's be realistic.

2. NOT TO BE SO HARD ON OURSELVES Are most women this way? Twin and I criticize ourselves quite often. You know, how you feel you don't quite measure up when you compare yourself to someone else. I'm going to quit wishing we had our friend Wendy's body (she's the only person I know over 40 that looks awesome in a bikini) and either start working out and get toned or drop her as a friend, which ever is easier! ;0) HA!

3. LEARN MORE ON THE COMPUTER I'm going to learn how to download pictures on this blog so I don't have to ask Twin or one of my kids to do it. And improve this blog. I feel we just throw something on most of the time and I can't expect anyone else to read it if I think it's boring myself. HA. Twin is constantly telling me to post stuff and I keep telling her no one is interested in my junk!! Hmm maybe if I get over goal number 2, I'll be better at goal number 3.

4. LIVE IN THE MOMENT I'm so focused on what needs to be done that I don't embrace the now. I focus on what I didn't do as opposed to what I have accomplished. Again I think I need to refer to goal number 2. I'm starting to see a pattern here. If Twin and I accomplish goal number 2, it may be the answer to achieving all of our goals.

Well, there you have it. Twin and I are off to work on goal number 2 starting with getting highlights this afternoon. Then it's back home and on the treadmill so I can look fabulous in my thong by summer...wish me luck!


Summer said...

Great goals! Good Luck
Summer :0)

Auntie D said...

Love your goals!! My number one goal is get organized!! I am right there with ya! :)

3LittleByrds said...

I love your live in the moment goal. So true. I do the same thing. The kids didn't get to see snow. We were hoping to see it before we left but it snowed the day after we left and hasn't stopped pretty much. I wouldn't want to live in it for sure. Florida has been very cold the last week or so with rain today but nowhere near what it is up there. My husband calls and tells me all about it and I'm thinking it's pretty to see but not live in and have to get out in. :) By the way what color are your kitchen cabinets painted? I'm looking for a color similar and I like yours.

bj said...

Great ONE resolution is on my post today....I am such a shallow person!! :O)