Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Hardware

Hubby had 4 days off and I had big plans for him! Unfortunately he put his back out and can't get an adjustment until Monday! So much for those plans of mine. But he did get one thing done for me. I got my hardware put on. We bought Oil Rubbed Bronze and Antique Nickel.
We put the Antique nickel on the island. We are mixing the two finishes through out the kitchen.
I picked out four different designs.
I was thinking my cabinet were looking too white and when we put the hardware on it just popped out the brown glaze. We really needed something quick because the drawers all self close and they are like suction cups and you really had to tugged on some of them to get them opened.
We chose these knobs to go on the little drawers next to the sink.
We chose these for the larger drawers.
We actually need a few more of these. We were 4 short.
If you need hardware for your cabinets I suggest you try ebay. We got ours from here
I thought they were VERY reasonable. They only charge one set shipping no matter how many you order so that saved a lot too.


Sue said...

Your kitchen is coming along just fantastic and those knobs add so much to the cabinetry. I went over to see what they had- I'm going to be working on the bathroom soon. Looking forward to seeing more of the kitchen soon.
hugs, Sue

TracyLaine said...

Your kitchen looks great the knobs are very nice. Would like to see more soon. I live in Michigan too, around the Novi area.

Susie Q said...

Beautiful hardware! Isn't amazing what just this can do to change our a room! Your kitchen is looking wonderful!