Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Can you help me?

Two years ago, my teenaged son had a couple of fingers and a toe that were swollen. At one point one finger was so swollen, he couldn't straighten his hand. It was like the tendons were tight. The doctor put him on steriods and took blood and xrays. Everything came back fine,no arthritis. I was so thankful but still didn't know the cause. Eventually all went back to normal. Then last year in February, the same thing. It wasn't as bad but a few fingers were swollen again. This morning his pinky finger is swollen and he told me a toe was last week. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I've googled and googled and can't find an answer. If you have any ideas please let me know. I've worried about this for 2 years and I'm not sure of what to do next. Thanks~Fran


Bridget said...

Have you ruled out gout? That rhymes unintentionally. Gout is a build-up of uric acid and requires medication. Just a thought. I hope that you're able to help him find some relief!

Lori said...

I'm sorry can't help you on this one. I hope you figure this out soon.

Sue said...

Fran, Get to a specialist who can diagnose these symptoms. Never mess around or wait- call his MD for a referral.
~ Sue

debi said...

Is it lymphedema? My daughter has primary lymphedema which is a build up of lymph node fluids that can occur in hands/arms and feet/legs which causes swelling. It's not painful at all.

Jill said...

I agree with Sue . . get him to a specialist and don't give up without some answers.

Praying for you!

Barb said...

I would get him into the Dr. ASAP.
I don't know what it could be but he needs to have a Dr. run more tests.

Praying for you guys.