Monday, July 6, 2009

A whole lot of paintin' goin' on

The pictures aren't the best but this is The Woolie. It's used to achieve a marbleized look.
I have this on several of my walls in my home and have helped multiple people do it in their homes because everyone seems to love it. My biggest job was helping my best friend because she has high ceilings in her greatroom. When the guy came over to check the hardwood floors she had installed in her home, she said he barely looked at them because all he could talk about was the walls.
Twin has inset ceilings where the island is going to be and in the diningroom and livingroom. Well, after painting my kids bathroom all day, I get a call from her telling me it's not looking right and could I come help.
Once you get going it's not hard. You choose at least 3 paint colors in the same family. Here we have an off white, tan and brown. You can do this paint treatment over any painted surface, even if the walls are hot pink. It will cover.
Once you get your colors up, in no certain order, you blend them with the main brush and then pat it all with The Woolie.
The colors will bend together and look what we call marbelized. You can add more of one color as you're doing it and just blend it in.
The results are really cool. Like I said, it just doesn't photograph well. Enlarge pictures to get a better look.
I got the area above the island done and just a start on the rest. This by far is the messiest (thankfully their floors aren't in yet) and hardest job I've done yet. I think I may have a permanent kink in my neck. We'll show you the job when it's complete. For now, I'm off to soak in a nice warm bath...


Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Looks fantastic!

Lou Cinda said...

I love this! It looks great and I can't wait to see the finished product!!

Lou Cinda :)

P.S. I still gotta measure my mirror!!!!

Cynthia said...

That looks great! It's also a much easier way to do it than the way I did it in my living room 6 years ago with a basecoat then layers of glaze and color. Wish I'd known this technique then.

The look is awesome and I Still get a lot of compliments on it so I suppose it's worth the work. You're a good friend to help out.

Joy said...

I love the new paint look.
I'm here to answer your question about my spray paint color. I used RUST-OLEUM'S HAMMERED FINISH in BROWN.
Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

That looks great! Oh and I am so jealous of your weather.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Lou Cinda said...

I'm back and I have the measurement of the mirror! It is 20" wide and 32" tall. I want a pretty scrolly swirly M in white to put in the middle of the mirror. I don't know what size it needs to be, there is one on the blog Evangeline's Vine which is On the left side of her sidebar is a picture of the mirror I am loving with the monogram!

Just let me know what I need to do and how much and all that good stuff!

Thank you!!

Lou Cinda ;)

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

What a great technique !

Thank you girls for the prayers that you are sending my way.