Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vinyl Special

We are going to start having "specials". Our first featured special is our darling  plant, grow and bloom decals.
You will receive all 3 decals. A great way to brighten up any pot you may have in your home.
These would  look great on your deck or patio. Another  idea would be to break these up and use them for Mother's Day gifts. You could give one to your mother, one to your mother-in-law and save one for yourself! We got our buckets from Hobby Lobby.
Regularly $12 but for a limited time only we are selling the decals for $6.00 with FREE shipping!

1 comment:

Team Messer said...

So cute! I need vinyl that I can put somewhere other than my wall. I think it would look cute on metal or clay pots, too. Don't forget to remind people to become fans on Facebook!