Friday, May 6, 2011

Senior Prom

Crew was Lexi's back up date for prom. He was ready to dance the night away.

Although there are many years between my girls, they are very close and Missy is always there to share the special times with her sister. I would take John and Lexi to see Missy in college and drop them off for days at a time because she missed them. She has always been a sister, friend and a second mom to them. It took awhile before we were blessed with more children after having Missy and I think she wanted them as much as I did.

Crew wasn't very happy when this guy showed up and he knew he wouldn't be needing his dancing shoes. HA
They had a great time.
After Crew got over his disappointment, he and Grandma had a great time. Time really does fly and before you know it this little man will be getting ready for his prom. I keep saying "Stay little, stay little!" He is so precious.


Sue said...

Crew was one little hottie for a back-up date! LOL Lexi looked adorable and I'm sure he and Grammy had a fun time together! Good to see your post. Hope all is well with both you girls.
hugs, Sue

Made In The South said...

Her dress was out of this world!
She is just beautiful.
And I can't get over how big the baby has gotten. Man time flies.
Can't believe summer is already upon us.
Have a great week.

bj said...

OMGosh, he is sooo adorable. Just about the cutest date she could have. :))