Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tell Me It Isn't So!

It's a sad day for me today. I just found out All My Children and One Life to Live are going to be canceled. What will I do without my Susan Lucci? I have been watching both of these soap operas since I was a young girl. Twin watched too until she started working. I'm sure she won't miss them as much as me.
I still remember the All My Children original theme song.
I do think One Life to Live is my favorite. It's always interesting and the actors do a great job. Even though I don't watch every day I feel like I'm losing a close friend. It's a loss and I will miss both shows. They have been a part of my life for so long and I thought they would be on forever. The two shows that are suppose to replace them are The Chew and The Revolution. Neither sound good to me. I will be boycotting!


Shannon said...

I've never gotten into soaps but I do think it is sad that they all keep getting cancelled. :( I saw Susan Lucci on a couple of morning shows the other day and she is just beautiful!

bj said...

I've never *done* soaps (my mom sure did, tho..Days of Our Lives, I think it was).
Susan is still pretty. I saw her on HOT IN CLEVELAND and she is a little doll. Saw Mary Tyler Moore, too, and she must have visited a terrible plastic surgeon...not very good. :( She was always one of my favorites, too.
Hope things are good with you and Twin. :))

Sue said...

I watched Erica on All My Children for years and years, until I went back to work full-time. I kinda lost interest. I flipped it on not too long ago and didn't know who anyone was! LOL Susan Lucci was a legend! Happy Easter to you both, Fern and Fran! hugs, Sue

Sue said...

I wondered why I wasn't getting any of your post updates- Blogger took me off your list! aagghhh.... but I am back now! hugs, Sue