Thursday, July 1, 2010

My girl's going to Japan

My girl leaves for Japan in the morning! It all started back in 5th grade when she met Emme. Emme is part of a set of triplets. Their mom, Erin is originally from our town and when they came to visit their grandparents, Erin decided to let them attend school here for a few months so they could experience an american school. 


My daughter, being the social butterfly that she is met Emme on the playground and asked if she could spend the night at our house. Imagine our surprise when we opened the door and found out there were 3 of them! Emme, Hanna, and Rae. They were the most polite kids we had ever met and we fell in love with them. Lexi kept in touch and everytime they were in town they got together. Then their mom decided they could live with their grandparents and attend our local high school. (their dad is a doctor in Japan)

The girls are flying to Japan to spend time with their family and asked Lexi and her other friend Leah if they wanted to go also. Lexi has wanted to since she first met them and we decided she is finally old enough to really appreciate the experience. They will be busy climbing Mt. Fuji to raise money for HOPE, going to Disney in Tokyo, spending time in Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagoya, etc. Erin is packing full their two weeks there. 
I have no idea what my picky girl will eat other than rice. She will either learn to try new foods or come back starving. HA! Who knew her very first airplane ride would be for 13 hours! I think she will have the time of her life!


Kristen said...

Oh how fun! Tell her to travel safe and take lots of pictures! She'll remember this forever!

bj said...

OMGoodness...what an absolutely WONDERFUL opportunity for your sweet daughter. Oh, yes, she WILL have the time of her life.
You are so sweet to let her take this amazing trip...she will never ever forget it.
xo bj

Cynthia said...

What a fabulous experience for them! She'll remember this her whole life. I hope we can find a way for our kids to have that kind of experience someday as it's just the time in your life to live as large in experience as you can. Have fun!

Sue said...

Your daughter will come home with so many wonderful memories from this fantastic trip. Wishing her a safe trip- xo Sue

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Sounds like a blast....HAPPY FOURTH

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