Sunday, March 28, 2010


Our birthday is coming up soon (April 5th) and we were talking today about what we wanted to do on that day. Then we started talking about what we were getting each other and how we had to go to great lengths to keep it a secret since we share our business email and if we order from Etsy it will show up on our Etsy business information. 

I asked Fran if she had discovered what I had gotten her and she said no. The person I had ordered Fran's gift from probably thought I was nuts for emailing her so much but I had to make sure it was a SURPRISE! 
Well, twin just called me and said she couldn't lie and act surprised when she opens her present from me because she  found out what I had gotten her!!! We are honest to a fault! There was one spot I forgot to delete and she found it.( not intentionally) Plus, she had to tell me that she got me the same thing!! HA!

We did this a few years ago when we got each other as many presents as our age and had NO idea the other thought of the same thing.
We got each other the necklaces pictured on top. I got Fran the silver one but it's not in yet and it will say My Twin, My Sister, My Best Friend. I can't believe we both ordered our necklaces with the same saying too. Fran got me the one with the mixed colored metals from here.
So much for keeping secrets from your twin! 

P.S. I just got off the phone with Fran's daughter Missy. She had heard that we both now know what we are getting so she could now tell me a story. 

She said she had just talked to her mom and she had told her what she was getting for me and then I talked to her 10 minutes later telling her what I was getting her mom and it was the same thing! She said "Remember when I put you on hold? That was because I was laughing so hard!" 

Maybe I'll get her a Mercedes next year. HA!


Sue said...

Fern, You are a hoot!!! You two have something very special with each other. Yup- pick something really good next year to give Fran cause you may just get the same thing!!! .... a Mercedes- crack me up! :-)
hugs, Sue

Kristen said...

That is SO funny! I love it!

SugarberrySensations said...

Oh my goodness, this is absolutely hilarious!
You crack me up girl!!!!!

What an awesome story ~ what a great way to start my day!!!!

I love the necklaces, I want one!! =)


Twinpop Designs said...

I too am an identical twin! Doesn't it amaze you on how alike you still THINK? Love the posts!

From one twinpop to another...God Bless!

Nicole said...

Beautiful necklaces for the birthday girls! I hope yo had a great one!!