Sunday, April 19, 2009

We LOVE Fridays :o)

Fran and I usually always spend Fridays together. I work Mon-Thurs. so Fridays have become "OUR" day. We LOVE to shop and that is mostly what we do but we also get together on those days to do our business. This past Friday we went to get our hair cut and highlighted. Here is a before picture of me.

Here's an after. We both were in dire need of a cut and some blonde highlights. We also always get our hair thinned out. We have very thick hair.

Here's Fran's before. What a Hot Momma lol

Here's the after. I guess she worked up a thirst! HA!

We both got these purses for the summer. I figured it would be great for Logan's ballgames to put the camera in. It is open at the top so I don't have to keep zipping and unzipping every time I need the camera or anything else.
We look forward to our Fridays together. When we were younger and were going to go somewhere we always asked someone else to go with us. If someone couldn't then we just did not go, because we felt like we were going alone. We no longer feel that way. We feel like we are going with our BESTFRIEND.


susan said...

My first visit and you talked about something dear to the heart of any blonde--highlights!! I'm due and going on Thurs. It will improve my attitude and outlook on the whole world! How lucky you are to have a twin sis!

Belinda said...

You guys look so cute! and I love the new purse!

Lou Cinda said...

Nothing like a good cut and blonde highlights to make you feel good!! Love the purse too!

I have not forgotten about my door sign!! The measurements of my door, where this would go, is 26 inches long and 3 3/4 inches wide.

Is this enough information for you? Just let me know! Thanks

Lou Cinda :)

bj said...

Oh, girls...before I had twin granddaughters and have watched them thru these 11 years, I never knew the closness felt between twins. It is absolutely amazing how these girls love ea other and I can see it is the same with you.

Missy said...

Awww! I hope & pray my daughters are still close like that as the continue to grow up.
My sister & I are very close and I agree - sisters are best friends!

Lou Cinda said...

16" is wonderful!! I was just giving you the dimensions of that area there since it is only 3 3/4inches high. Dumb door! But yours is great! Mine just needs to be white cos' my door is black! Let me know where to send money!

Thank you!

Lou Cinda

whoopsadasie said...

Aww sweetness! Twin and I get out hair done together too!

Darlene said...

Y'all are so cute!!! How neat it must be for your twin to be your best friend.♥ Love that purse...too cute!

Shannon said...

You two are so cute! What a fun way to spend a Friday!

Kimberly said...

You ladies are snazzy. I'm surprised I haven't run into you two around town. I will keep my eye out though.

Amanda said...

you can the fruit ropes at Kroger (a grocery store) or try Sam's, or try locating them on their site - (google cliff bar fruit ropes)...thanks - love your purse and new hair!!!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

How fun! First, Can I have your jacket in the top photo? And your hair looks fab! I have think hair and I get it hightlighted to the same color. It's summery!

Thanks for stopping by! It's great to meet new people!