Friday, June 18, 2010


Do you watch The Housewives? Twin and I watch all of them. The housewives of N.Y just wrapped up and what an amazing season it was.

Jill was a bit snotty this season. In the beginning, I was Team Jill, thinking Bethenny was wrong for not being there for Jill only to find out Jill didn't explain "a simple procedure" to Bethenny or anyone else. Bethenny tried numerous times to apologize but Jill decided to tell Bethenny they were done and hold a grudge. It backfired. On the reunion show she was quick to deny anything they accused her of until she knew she was caught in a lie. Only then did she come clean. Yes, she is sorry now and said so, but I feel she needs to let go of the grudge she  has against Alex. You have to be a forgiving person yourself if you want to be forgiven.  

Bethenny is just too funny. I know my sides would be hurting from all the laughing I would be doing if I spent a day with her. She could be a comedian with how quick she is with the one liners.

Alex was never my favorite but she is likable. Her husband Simon, different to say the least. 

Luann or should I say The Countess? I personally think she preaches all things prim and proper but doesn't always practice what she preaches. I feel she has a certain air about her. In other words I think she seems to think she is better than others. Her younger boyfriend, in my opinion, not so cute.

Sonja, the new girl, seems sweet enough. Her morals and values I do not share but I like her.

Ramona, still as crazy as ever. I think she needs to learn how not to open her eyes so large. She needs to be more conscious of this and practice expressing herself in front of a mirror. I think she may blurt things out that can be hurtful but she does have a loving heart.

Kelly, wow, where do I begin. I could write an entire post on this woman. To begin with I never cared for her. I thought she was very self centered and so jealous of Bethenny. While this still holds true, we can also add unstable. After seeing the trip to "Scary Island" I was hoping Bravo would insist on therapy for her. I don't think that happened. Even on the reunion show, she was still showing signs of instability. For example, someone could say to her "It's such a nice day out today don't you think?" and she would say "Yes, I had a wonderful breakfast this morning. Thanks for asking. I appreciate that."  She has mentioned a few times how she hears nothing but chatter and has to tune it out. She talked about white noise coming from the others. I seriously don't think her brain translates sounds correctly and they seem jumbled to her. It's hard to explain but I think of it as how dogs hear high pitched sounds and we do not. I think the nerve endings in her brain are more sensitive and she doesn't receive the sounds like a normal person. I don't know what diagnosis that falls under and wish some professional would explain it. She was not attacked and bullied by the other women on that trip. She did the bullying and had a break down yet no one with any authority will step up and intervene and get this girl help. She has some sort of mental illness that needs to be treated and I don't think Bravo should turn a blind eye to it.

So if you watch the show, Twin and I would love to hear what you thought.

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