Monday, June 14, 2010

Faux tan

This time of year is so busy. Planting gardens and flowers, last minute school activities, graduations~parties, weddings, summer sports. Fun but busy and we haven't blogged about any of it!
Anyway, this blog is about a faux tan twin and I tried since we all know we aren't suppose to bake in the sun. I do like some natural tan but this helps to even out the areas you don't have as brown or if you have a farmers tan and want to wear that sleeveless dress to a wedding. I love all Bare Escentuals products so I was hoping I wouldn't be disappointed with their faux tan and I wasn't. Love that this goes on with a brush and doesn't stain your hands.  The key to this product is to put it on sparingly. The first time I put it on a bit heavy and had to take some off with a paper towel because it wouldn't dry. You may not look like you came back from a vacation in Florida but it does give a nice look of color. I especially love it on my legs as I think dresses and shorts look better with a tan. I give it an A and it's a lot cheaper than a spray tan. Give it a try, I don't think you will be disappointed. 
P.S. Will try to get back to blogging soon!


Auntie D said...

I totally agree with you! I give it an A as well! :) Thanks to your tip...I didn't put it on to heavy and it worked nicely on my legs. We'll see what two coats does...Hope you are having a great summer!

Sue said...

I'm all for trying a new product to look "healthy!" I used to go out in the sun and get brown in 15-20 min. Now, I think I have less melanin in my system so I stay kinda white on my legs. Pasty, in fact. And I have olive skin... LOL So where do you buy this stuff? hugs, Sue

Kristen said...

It's always a challenge - trying to get tan without actually being "tan!" Good to hear of a product that works, so many of them don't! Hope you are enjoying your summer!