Monday, April 19, 2010

Administrative Professionals Day (or should I say WEEK)

In stead of celebrating Administrative Professionals Day on Wednesday I get to celebrate it ALL week. I work Monday through Thursday and my boss gives me gifts EVERY day the week of Administrate Professional Day!! She usually has a theme for each day. Today was 

Started out with some wine glasses.
 Some great scents and a melting pot.
Then some great books to read.  
         I got some bath bombs. Theses are so neat. They dissolve in your bath water and they are great for dry skin. We have someone near by that makes them. My boss spoils me all through the year but this week is unreal! She says she has just as much fun picking it all out for me. What a sweetheart! 
Can't wait until tomorrow. (I know I am spoiled)                           


Gracefully Vintage said...

Ok love it, what a great boss, and great idea... we foget how much a cheap small gift can mean so much to the other person..
Love the bLOG LADIES.karryann

Darlene said...

What a FABULOUS Boss!!! Those are also such thoughtful and useful gifts. You DEFINITELY are spoiled (but that is GOOD, right???)!! Enjoy your week.♥

bj said...

I am just wondering if I ever sent you my address for the wall words I won?
If not, I am so so sorry...

bj conklin
5015 14th
lubbock. tx 79416

I just got to thinking about it and realized I hadn't received it..then, I thought I probably didn't send you my address.

Hope things are good with ya'll...
xo bj

Gracefully Vintage said...

Hello Ladies,
Im so sorry- I didnt mean "cheap" like bad, i meant cute little gifts i guess-not necessarily what you gave or got, but a nice idea to come in each day and find a gift wether an elegant wine glass set or package of m&m's, sometimes it is nice to get anything at all -no matter the value or size...
Apologize how it must of come out-Not at all what i meant..

Amy R. said...

Great gifts! What fun!
Hey, I am wanting some black vinyl words His/ Hers for my bathroom in script about a 2 in. font. Can you do that? How much would you charge?

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Great ideas! I love the books!

Kristen said...

You DID get spoiled! What a great boss! (Then again, you must be a great employee who deserves it all!)

Deb said...

Hi Ladies! Thanks for stoppin by! Girl you boss is awesome! Very lovely gifts! Happy belated birthday to you both! I have twin sons and their birthday was April 8th. We threw a big party on the 10th. We had a ball. We had so much fun, no one thought of taking pictures. LOL!!! Deb