Friday, February 27, 2009

We need to WHEEL and DEAL now adays!!

I got a notice that my Good Housekeeping subscription would soon be up and that I owed $25.97 if I wanted to get another 2 year subscription because I signed up for the no interuption plan. HUH? Inside the magazine was a card insert charging $20.00 for 2 years so why would a faithful subscriber like me have to pay more than someone else? I have been getting this magazine for years. Loyalty means you pay more? Well, I just want to let everyone know it SAVES to call. After talking to the gentlemen and telling him I loved the magazine but didn't want to pay $25.97 when there is a insert in the magazine for $20.00 he let me know that they were have a different special...2 years for $15.00 or 3 years for $20.00. So I will be sending them $20.00 and enjoying my magazine for another 3 years.

Now, how may of you got XMradio with the purchase of a new vehicle? Ours came with 6 months free and our dealer told us when it expired and we were sent an invoice to renew for $12.99 a month to call and say it was too much and they would wheel and deal with us. Sure enough we were able to renew for a lot less...I think $6.95 or $7.95 a month.

Now my question to you is...Will TIVO wheel and deal? We were given TIVO as a Christmas present a couple years ago and we are automatically charged $12.95 a month on our Visa for it. Could we be paying more than we should? When you never see a bill you forget what you are paying and don't question the amount. My question to all of you is...Do you have TIVO and are you paying less than I am? Could I get a better price if I wheel and deal?


imjacobsmom said...

As you know, Country Home is being discontinued. I had 3+ years left on my subscription. They offered MORE magazine as a substitute. I never heard of MORE magazine -have you? I called and asked for other choices and was offered to extend my BH & Gardens by four years for the inconvenience. That was worth the phone call to me. ~ Robyn

whoopsadasie said...

Great way to save money! Good advise!

By the by...THANKS so much for the Welcome! Haven't figured out where it's going yet...but I will let you know when I do!

nikkicrumpet said...

You're smart to make the phone calls....I get so lazy I don't want to have to fight the battle of waiting on hold and then trying to get through all the transfers etc. I need to be more thrifty!

Jill said...

Hello.. I stopped over from Nikki's blog to say hi!!!

Great way to save money... cool post!

Picket said...

Morning you two...I have to wheel and deal with the cable company every six months...the change their specials out that often and I have used them for years so I always call when mine is up and keep dealing until they give me the best offer! lol

Thanks for coming by...the 'weight' thing is holding it's own...I am down 15 lbs so far...still a long way to go! lol Have a great week you two!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

It does pay to call.I have ordered a magazine and got 1 issue and that is all.I am going to call them.