Sunday, February 1, 2015

Winter Storm Linus

Winter Storm Linus has arrived and continues all day. Guessing from Fran's patio table that we have close to a foot right now. Our first big snowfall so far this winter. Did I mention Fran and I HATE winter? After the first snow we are pretty much done and dreaming of Spring! Thank goodness we have a home based business and our husbands don't mind going to the post office for us (and most of the time getting the groceries.) We are like bears and just want to hibernate. This is just the start of the snow fall expected. Time to lite a fire and snuggle in!
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Rue said...

Send the snow this way! We've barely had a winter here. Hopefully we'll get one more snow this year, but it's not looking like it. We have temps in the high 60s this week.