Monday, November 14, 2011

Too much SWEETNESS not to share!

Crew turned 11 months!!

This little boy is the love of our lives. He will do anything to make us laugh and is happy most of the time. I can't believe he will be a year in just a month.

He always sits with his right leg crossed over the left. HA! He's a busy boy, crawling all over and pulling himself up and is always babbling.  Greek yogurt is his favorite and as soon as you show it to him, he starts shaking and squealing. I told my daughter she needs to record it and put it on youtube. Too Funny!



Team Messer said...

I LOVE him!! Happy or crabby he's my favorite little man. So blessed that he is surrounded by such love. He sure loves his Nana (is that what we are calling you these days ;) and his GREAT Aunt Fern!!

Sue said...

Fran, This little guy is just as cute as a button- Really!!! I'm sure he gives you loads and loads of pleasure. Sure hope all is well with you and Fern. I haven't heard from you girls in ages! Enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones! hugs, Sue

Made In The South said...

Oh my it can't be almost a year already! He is so cute. I bet ya'll can not wait till Christmas. I am sure he is amazed by all the lights.