Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nothing short of a miracle

Our journey with my MIL began Labor Day 2010. We found out she had diverticulitis and a temporary drain had to be inserted. Next she went for a colonoscopy and she had a cancerous tumor at the bottom of her colon. She needed to have a colostomy bag. She then had radiation and took chemo pills for 6 weeks. Last month she had another colonoscopy and all looked great.  When my husband took her back to her surgeon he said while everything looked great he wanted her to keep the colostomy bag because reversing it requires more than one surgery and she could have complication because of the damage radiation can do to tissue. We were okay with that (my husband takes care of this for her, bless his heart!). 

After the colonoscopy she complained of back pain just like when she had the diverticulitis. We now wonder if the colonoscopy to the unattached colon/rectal area may have start of all of this because about two weeks ago I woke up and saw 3 messages flashing on my answering machine, scary. It was my MIL asking me to come over (she lives next door). She said she hurt all over and I called 911. In the emergency room they found she had a hernia around the colostomy opening. The next day when her doctor called my husband and said she needed surgery right away because her stats were dropping and they couldn't wait. He also told him the anesthetic alone might kill her. Because everything has been such a blur he doesn't remember if he mentioned septic shock at the time or not but that is what she had. He said she must have had an abscess in her body that ruptured and she was full of infection and puss! The hernia was fine and causing no problems. 

She came out of surgery on a vent and had tubes coming out everywhere. They removed the vent the next day but later her heart rate went up to about 200 beats a minute ( they shocked her once to slow it down) and her breathing was labored so they put it back in. Three days later they tried dialing it down and she started to crash. The doctor said they would try it again the next day but to gather the family.  Later that day they slowly dialed it down and when they took it out the next day, she was fine, and even eating a little jello that night! Saturday she got out of ICU and yesterday she went to the nursing home for rehab to get her back on her feet. In a matter of days we went from possibly planning a funeral to rehab. 

It's been unbelievable. We found out septic shock is not uncommon and there were 2 other people in ICU that had it. It's very serious and the survival rate isn't very high, especially for a 90 year old. We told the doctors and nurses she is a young 90 year old but even we were amazed at her recovery. I mentioned the word miraculous to the nurse and she said that is what this is. I don't think anyone expected her to survive. We are very thankful!


Auntie D said...

Truly a miracle! Praise God for this! :) Wow! What a story! So happy to hear she is doing better and in rehab now!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hey girls ! I sure have missed ya'll.
Thanks for stopping by.
Wow your mother inlaw looks great to be 90. She is a tough old bird LOL ! I didn't mean to sound disrespectful.
She is a miracle!