Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There's a play coming to town.

Walt Willey from All My Children is from our small Illinois town. For the last 3 summers he has put on a play at our local high school to raise money for a charity. This year it will be for Friendship Village for the disabled. Fern and I were busy and missed the previous plays but we are going this time.

Each year he brings other actors with him and this year it is Kale Browne who played Sam Rappaport on One Life To Live and Taylor Miller who played Nina Courtland for a very long time on All My Children. Taylor now lives in Chicago. The other guy in the picture lives here and is a good friend of Walt's and has been in all of the plays.

There was a meet and greet when we got our tickets and were able to meet them all. They were very nice and very talkative! I was surprised and they did most of the talking and asking questions. I wasn't thinking we were going to do much chit chatting so I wasn't prepared to ask many questions. I hope one of these summers Walt Willey brings Susan Lucci to town! Add caption

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Sue said...

Walt Willey as Jack was always my favorite of all of Erica's husbands! I always wondered what happened to the actress who played Nina. It's pretty cool of Walt to come back to town and help with a benefit event. Hope you and Fern have a great time at the play! :-)