Friday, June 24, 2011

Guilty or Not Guilty?

Have you been following the Casey Anthony trial? If so, don't you think it's one of the oddest cases? First of all do you know anyone who's daughter had a baby and the parents have no idea of who the father is and don't press the daughter to find out? They just let it go and move on. Casey was suppose to be working and yet no one figures out that she doesn't really have a job. Odd don't you think? Everyone that has a job earns a pay check (other than stay at home moms!) and yet no one ever questioned her when she didn't have any money? She insisted that she had a nanny that Caylee spent quite a bit of time with. Did anyone ask how she was paying for this nanny? 

While this is a very odd and dysfunctional family, I'm not sure I'm buying the idea that Casey was sexually abused by her father. Possible yes, but it could just be another lie. Do I think Caylee drowned in the pool and George dumped her body? Absolutely not. A grandfather wouldn't do that and he certainly wouldn't duck tape her mouth and use a sticker. You see Casey tearing up when the sexual abuse was mentioned. It could be that it's true or very possibly because she realizes she is throwing her own dad under the bus to save herself.

Even if it were true that Caylee drowned in the pool, how many mothers are partying and having a good time after something like this happens? When the story first came out, I thought Casey accidentally killed Caylee by overdosing her because she wanted to party and she needed her to sleep. Now I think she did it on purpose. If it would have been an accident and unexpected she would have been a lot more emotional about it and devastated. She planned it and when the deed was done she was relieved and unburdened to do as she wanted. 

The relationship between Casey and her parents is odd. They almost seem to be afraid of her. They don't want to make her mad or upset her so she has always done pretty much what she's wanted although I think her and Cindy have had their share of arguments in the past. I've never met anyone that lies as much as Casey, have you? Lying over and over again to the police, her family and friends. Strangers have shed more tears for her little girl than she has. I don't believe her lack of emotion is due to childhood sexual abuse. I believe in Casey's world it's all about her and she feels her actions were justified. Partly because her little girl began to feel like a burden and partly to stick it to her mother who loved Caylee so much. 

I find Casey fascinating because I can't figure someone like her out. I don't know how anyone can think another person is disposable, especially your own child. Like most of you, my children are my world, the greatest gift I have ever been blessed with and if I could make their lives perfect for them I would. How does a mother not love their own child? 

I would love to hear your take on this...gotta get back to the trial!


Made In The South said...

Believe it or not I really do not know what is going on...But it sounds like a very sad story. If she did kill her child, she should be locked up for life and her parents too for helping her cover it up.

Cherrie said...

I feel that she hated her mother more than she loved Caylee and after the big fight with Cindy, she killed Caylee to punish her mother.

I don't feel she was sexually molested by George at all per the jail house tapes and her telling him what a good father and grandfather he was.

I say GUILTY but we will find out what the jury thinks soon.