Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mama said there would be days like this...

 Can you believe that my MIL has been in two different hospitals for 5 days and still HAS NOT seen a doctor? She finally had the procedure done on Sunday but no doctor has stopped by her room yet. She has diverticulitis (we were unaware of) and ended up with an abscess. They inserted a needle to drain it but it was larger than first thought so they had to insert a tube. She's weak as this is something that has been ongoing and we had no idea she was so seriously ill. My MIL broke her femur bone in a car accident in 2003 and she thought the back pain she was experiencing was do to that. Little did we know. I have heard diverticulitis is very painful and with the abscess I don't know how she tolerated it. God bless her and thank you for all the prayers. We are continuing to pray that the procedure is successful so we can avoid the surgery...maybe a doctor will show up to day with some answers.

Yesterday was not my day. I went to the dentist for a filling and when he told me to bite down and move my mouth from side to side I bit down on my tongue. When I got home at 11:30 I realized that since I had my MIL car and my son had mine I didn't have a house key. No one would be home until 3:00 to let me in. I was a pretty  pathetic sight with a numbed face, a bitten tongue and no way to get into the house!

We also got a notice from a collection agency for an unpaid bill that  IS NOT ours. I thought I cleared this up a year ago when we got our first notice. They are threatening to ruin our perfect credit. I called and the lady on the phone was so rude. I hung up and called back hoping to talk to someone different and she answered again. When I told her I thought she was rude she hung up on me! Finally I talked to someone else. Do I think the problem was taken care of? NO. We don't even have a common last name so I can only wonder how many John Smith's or Jim Johnson's get threatening debt collecting notices that they have to clear up. Frustrating.


3LittleByrds said...

That's awful about your mil and actually illegal I'm pretty sure. If they are a patient in the hospital upon addmission they are given a Dr. for their care and rule is usually that Dr. is suppose to round on that patient every 24 hrs. Did you know you can actually fire your dr. when you're in the hospital? I hope she see's someone soon or I'd be demanding it.

bj said...

O, sweetheart...{{{{hug hug}}}}
So sorry for your MIL and for your terrible day. Ever now and then, I have one, too....and I just bawl. and then go get WINE...:))

Numbers!! You have black numbers?
WONDERFUL..and even tho you are so sweet, I would Never take them free of charge. I DO want them, please.
Do I need to give you sizes?
xo bj

Sarah Lynn said...

Yuck! I hate days like that! I hope you week gets better!

Sue said...

You have not had an easy time of things lately, have you? I hope your MIL's situation turns out for the best. Hang in there,toots!
hugs, Sue