Sunday, August 16, 2009

Glass and Mirrors

I have a love-hate relationship with glass and mirrors. No matter how much I try with window cleaner and micro-fiber cloths, once the sun shines in they look awful! I did get around to rearranging my china hutch. It was very formal before with glass and china only. I decided to go less formal and I really like it now. I just wish I could quit opening it up and going over the glass and mirror a trillion times!
I added some fake fruit and wrought iron to soften the look. I have the rest of the china stored in the bottom of the hutch.
I also have a love-hate relationship with this curio cabinet. It came free with the purchase of the dining room set and it's nothing I would purchase. I like it so much better since I painted it a brick red. I've never had it in the dining room before but I think I like it there. See those figurines? The one on the right is a little girl holding twins. I bought one for twin years ago and then my son accidentally broke it. They are limited additions and we were so glad we found another on Ebay. Eventually I got one too and we purchased one for our older sister and our two friends who have twins. Our average winning bid was about $50.00 for each. The bottom says, Who ever told mother to order twins? The other Memories of Yesterday is a little girl holding a baby and it says Can I keep her? It's my oldest daughters.(I'm sure there have been days when it could have read-Can we give her back? LOL I love the vintage look of them.


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Hi girls! OK, I am going to reveal my ignorance now. I have a Mac and can't figure out how to click on your email address and have it pop up, so I can't email you my address. Can you email me your address to I feel badly I haven't been in touch with you yet. Hope you had a great weekend!

Lou Cinda said...

I think it all looks beautiful! I love figurines that have meaning!

I got your message and I knew ya'll had been busy. Just let me know when I need to send $$


Lou Cinda