Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have a couple of questions :o)

I want to thank everyone who is out looking for my liquid soap dispenser. You guys are the greatest. I'm still hoping theres that one lonely one on the shelf begging for a new home....

I have a couple of questions:

1. Where it says comments I would like mine to say (neighbors) since we are all neighbors now! How do I do that?

2. When we pre-post and then post why does mine might say 2 days ago (that is when I did it) instead of the time I posted? I don't want it to be the time I MADE to post but the time I POSTED it. I hope ya understand what I mean.

3. I have a favor to ask of someone. I tried putting a background on a few weeks ago and really MESSED things up. Could someone put it on for me? It's from The Cutes BLog on the Block. I'm sure if I tried a few more times it would either be successful or we would LOSE our BLOG!!!

I may be adding a few more questions but that is all for now.



Shannon said...

I don't know anything about question 1 or 3 but I can help with question 2. In your post down on the left there are blue words that say "post option". Click on that and it will bring up a time and date. Just adjust it to whenever you want it posted and click save, then publish post. On your page with all your posts it will say "scheduled" and then post on that day and time. Hope that helps!

Buffie said...

Bridget from "My Silly Blog" could help you I'm sure of it! She helped me with all my stuff as I'm too ignorant to do it myself either, so don't feel bad, sowwy!!!

Sandy Toes said...

I change my blog background all the time through that website at
If you want me to change your background...send me an email at
and what you want and your info!
-Sandy toes

Bridget said...

I see you already have help with the other two questions. To change the "comment" you need to click the "customize" option on the top dashboard. Once you have the customize screen up, make sure you are in the "page elements" section and then click the blue "edit" button within the "blog posts" box. Another box will pop up and the fourth item in the list is the comments section. Just change the text for "comments" to whatever you want it to be. I have mine set as "messages from friends."

I hope that helps you.

Deb said...

I'll check my Walmarttoday, I saw these when I was there yesterday but I don't remember if they had the soap dispencer. I do know that were not on clearance so maybe we have a chance. Deb

Darlene said...

I checked my Walmart and sorry, no help at all...they didn't have ANYTHING remotely like that...:(

French said...

There are easy step by step answers to putting up a new backgound and it's as easy as cutting and pasting~~(but I lost my blog roll when I did it so I suggest you save yours first in am email then try to make the change;) French

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I use this website for all my blogging questions: It is super-easy to navigate and I know that when I first started setting up my blog I would just scroll though all the topics and SO much helpful information. I highly recommend it!